Ski witch children: Top 5 tips to enjoy an unforgettable holiday

Ski is, without any doubt, one of the best sports on earth. Those who are lucky enough to have practiced it since childhood know that ski can help children grow in every significant aspect of life, either physically or emotionally.

Team spirit, sport, open air and good vibes are always present in any ski station and they are values that we absolutely want to teach our kids.

But, how can we teach our children, nieces and nephews, and friends to be as fascinated about ski as us? If we think about it seriously, it might seem a bit complicated, but this is quite far from reality.

Kids –as well as the adults– must wear really heavy boots. Moreover, it is perfectly normal that, during their learning process, they loose balance and fall down, getting all covered in snow in below-zero temperatures. Let alone the early start on holidays and those long trips to reach the chosen ski resort.

If we combine the discomfort, tiredness, cold and drowsiness, it seems really incredible that a child can grow up thinking that ski is the best sport of the world, but we have no doubt that one day they will teach their own kids the love for the sport.

However, paradoxically, it is very strange to find a child crying at the ski slopes. When they get there, they forget about everything.

But, how do we achieve that? What kind of mistakes should we avoid? What is the best age for a kid to start out with the ski practice?

In this article about the Top 5 tips to enjoy an unforgettable holiday we will answer not only these, but many other questions that will help you turn these holidays in the snow into something very special for the little ones of the family.


First and foremost, we must tell our kids where we are taking them and what we will do there. It is useless to tell them stories about ice princesses, or create some misleading expectations that will do nothing but disappoint those little heads.

Telling them what is going to happen during the next few days is not only advisable, but essential. They need to know that they might fall down and get their glasses all covered in snow, and that, most probably than not, they will end up their ski journey exhausted and stiff.

We can use the trip to the ski resort to tell them stories about our first falls, about that day a snowstorm found us up the gondola, or when we lost our trainers and had to walk all the way back to the hotel to get rid of those damn boots that were destroying our feet. The long trip to the ski resort is the perfect scenario for kids to have fun and enjoy thinking about what’s yet to come.


Kids grow up very fast, so, probably, their equipment will get small for them in no time. It is not recommendable to buy them their own equipment until they are older, as you might have to change it every season and let’s be honest, ski is not the cheapest sport when it comes to equipment.

This way, the best option to help your children start out in this sport is renting their equipment directly at the ski station where you will spend your holidays. We must choose carefully where we rent the equipment so as to be sure that we receive the best quality possible for our kids. Here, at Bed and Snow Sierra Nevada, we can provide you with the best equipment for your kids or otherwise advice you about your needs.

The professional at the ski rental shop will show you the adequate size and model of boots, as well as the ski length for every child. We must take into account that they will feel uncomfortable with any type of boots, as they are used to wear loose footwear.  

Those who practice ski know that choosing a pair of boots that really fits –even though they might not be as comfortable as their runners– is crucial to avoid unnecessary injuries.

And talking about clothes and accessories, it is common knowledge that being comfortable and warmly clothed is key to skiing without trouble.

Nevertheless, we cannot forget that being wrap up warm when it’s very cold is as important as not being overdressed when we are practicing a sport that requires a lot of movement. Thus, thermal clothing will help the kids not being cold and we can put on more or less clothes depending on the weather. We must also take into account that children lose their body heat faster than adults. Therefore, it is even more important for them to shelter certain parts of the body such as the head, neck and eyes.


There is no better way to get your kids started out in skiing than signing them up for ski lessons for children. Being with other kids helps them socialize and feel accompanied during their learning process.

Every ski resort has several ski schools specialised in children. Choosing the right ski school, with instructors with an extensive experience in teaching the little ones will be the key to success.

It is very important to find the best ski school for our children so as to not have to teach them ourselves, without the necessary experience and training for it.

Once again, Bed and Snow Sierra Nevada, can help you finding the best lessons and instructors there are for your kids, either individual or group lessons.


This is something not many people think about, but it is really important to make our holidays perfect. The spots are limited, as ski schools work in small groups.

Booking the children’s lessons in advance will avoid us unnecessary surprises at our arrival to the station. If we wait until last minute, we will be pretty likely to find the course full and be obliged to hire private lessons for children, which has a much higher cost for us.

To help them recover from a long day we can give them some snacks, such as fruit or biscuits. This way they will not be hungry nor feel tired and they can share their snacks with other kids. And let’s not forget about something to drink to keep them hydrated.


We must also remember that ski is a sport we practice during holidays, that we like it and that it relaxes and comforts us. That’s why we cannot overlook the real aim of all this: FUN.

Take it easy. Let children rest and adjust yourself to their timings. This is the way to get your kids think of the idea of going skiing with you as the best plan ever for their holidays.

Playing with them before and after skiing, joking around with them and putting yourself at their level are great ways to create good memories for when they’re back home.

And last but not the least, to enjoy their holidays in the snow as safely as possible many families get a ski insurance. This will help you have some services covered such as medical transport in case of accident, or equipment damages. Moreover, and with the only aim of facilitating the search and identification of the children, we recommend giving them a card with a contact number, in case they get lost. They can keep it in the jacket and we must explain them when to show it.

Now that you have a better knowledge of the top tips to enjoy a getaway in the snow with your family, don’t wait any longer to plan it.

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